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Tips for finding the perfect size

Most size when it comes to Gi's, Rash guards, shin guards, joint sleeves and head gear is obviously try it on first. No argument there but with sales moving to the ease of selling online. This has made this difficult for 1st time buyers to get it right the first time. Some of the best advice we can give is 1st ask your coach and training partners with more experience .After that ask to try on equipment size there at your gym in the local pro shop. and its always a good thing to remember that sizes of all equipment will vary sizes minuscule on paper but can result in long sleeves or tight in the shoulders on your Gi. Shin Guards that don't cover your feet. All the little things that will make you dislike your training gear. its always to better to start off with economical options with your 1st purchases this is what help me starting out finding the best sizes for all my training gear. Being a every day martial arts trainer, I spend roughly $200 a year on training gear replacing my gloves, gi, shin guards wrestling shoes around every 3 years. Rash guards for the most part have the longest training life. When you find the right size for all your training gear its always a good bet to try a stick with that brand when they are spot on fit for you when it comes to there sizing charts.

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