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How to keep your training gear fresh

One thing no one likes to smell while working out and inhaling heavily is last week supper hard training session, That has been cooking in your gym bag..... (sometimes in your car).

lets just realize it. if we are putting in hard hour of training in the gym. we are not gonna smell like lavender. but their are some simple things that can help keep your gear smelling better and extend the life of your training gear.

  1. Always keep your training gear in open air after finishing a training session with it letting it air out will help dry it out faster and keep bacteria from growing

  2. sanitize with disinfects after sparring ( example: Lysol, alcohol wipes, sport equipment sanitizers) after training sessions especially with other training partners sweating and potentially bleed on you and your gear. this helps keep common gym diseases from establishing and spreading.

  3. Use a boot dryer/ hair dryer for 10 min per piece of equipment this is the best possible prep you can do for your equipment before storing it away this will. extend the life of your training equipment and is the best way I have found to keep your equipment from turning sour and making you the smelly person at the gym

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