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About Us at Kick-back Pro Shop

Our mission at Kick-back Pro Shop is to revolutionize the way martial artists, from beginners to seasoned fighters, equip themselves for their journey. We understand the unique needs of every martial artist, whether they're new students, current trainees, competitive athletes, or seasoned fighters.

In the traditional model, coaches often bear the heavy burden of stocking vast amounts of equipment, resulting in substantial overhead costs. This often forces them to make special orders, inflate prices, or compromise on the range of available equipment.

At Kick-back Pro Shop, we turn this model on its head:

  1. Personalized Selection: Choose equipment that suits your specific stage and needs. Whether you're starting out or are an everyday trainer, you'll find the perfect gear tailored to your martial arts journey.

  2. Range & Quality: From starter packages and affordable novice training gear to the highest-quality equipment designed for intense, daily training sessions, we have it all.

  3. Supporting Your Gym: Every purchase you make supports your gym directly. We handle the order fulfillment, and the payment flows back to your training center. This means your gym can reinvest, expand, and continually enhance the training experience.

  4. Elevating Your Training: Our vision is to ensure that every dollar you spend not only gets you the best equipment but also contributes to elevating the overall quality of your martial arts training. We're committed to making your training experience surpass every expectation.

At Kick-back Pro Shop, we're not just about gear; we're about building a community where every purchase supports and enriches the martial arts ecosystem.

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