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Purpose built Youngstar MMA training gloves are designed for kids ages 8-12 training in MMA sports. Combat Corner youth MMA training gloves are perfect for grappling, striking, as well as bag and pad work. 

The Youngstar MMA Training Gloves offer the young athlete free use of their hands with a padded thumb for practicing those all important grappling moves such as clinch fighting and submissions. The rounded padded fist area of the glove adds comfort as well as protection whether they are sparring with a partner or doing essential bag and pad work.

These kid MMA gloves are specifically created for a kid’s hand. They provide them durability, safety, and feel that offer the protection they need for their fingers, knuckles, and wrists when training and sparring. This is important whether they are just starting out or have been training for a while.

Constructed of durable synthetic leather with a significant amount of additional padding over the knuckles and thumb for safe training. There is a hook and loop Velcro closure that wraps around the entire wrist for additional support and protection necessary for younger hands

Youthstar youth MMA Training Gloves

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