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 Roll Hard Branded flex panel with Air-Vent flex panel bjj pants in Rip-Stop material 
The softest, most comfortable Jiu Jitsu uniform pants available in the market!
You can wear these pants both ON and OFF the mat!
Super stretches flex panel on crotch area with ventilated flex panel, great for training and competition.
Specifically made for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Grappling). These Hybrid Grappling Pants protect your knees!
Made from super soft 100% cotton ripstop material for incredible comfort, protection, and freedom of movement when grappling.
A second layer of premium cotton material in the knee area with quilted reinforced stitching protects and provides increased durability when you train.
This combined with ventilated mesh in the knee area keeps these pants from sticking to your legs when you train hard.
Tripled-reinforced stitched at all stress points for maximum durability.
This pant also include bi-directional adjustable waistband system with comfortable drawstring and Grippy elastic waist which provides secure fit and reducing shifting during ground fighting.
Also recommended for Kickboxing classes.

ROLL HARD Hybrid flex GI Pants

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