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Purpose built MMA training gloves designed by professional fighters to offer MMA fighters at any level the protection they need for their fingers, knuckles, and wrists when training and sparring. The sleek compact design allows the closest thing to competition MMA gloves with the protection of a boxing glove.

The Combat Corner Elite Spar MMA Training Gloves offer the athlete free use of their hands with a padded thumb for practicing those all important grappling moves such as clinch fighting and submissions. The padded fist area of the glove adds comfort as well as protection whether you are sparring with a partner or doing essential bag and pad work. As with all martial arts training gloves, a good fit is essential for support. The dual strap Velcro closure provides incredible wrist support and ensures a snug fit. The neoprene lining adds to the comfort of these MMA sparring gloves.

Elite Spar MMA Training Gloves l Red

  • Medium is designed for 150 lbs and Under

    Large is designed for 150-200 lbs

    X-Large is designed for 200 lbs and Over

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